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Interest-free monthly payment plan


Amadora have now introduced an interest free Payment Plan which is a new and optional customer payment program offered to ALL those who book an Amadora Luxury Villa in Protaras.


Amadora Easy Payment Plan makes budgeting for your well-deserved villa holiday more flexible because it lets you pay in installments.


How does it work?


The advantage of Amadora’s Payment Plan is that you are able to spread the cost of your holiday over several weeks or months. This is a great way to take control of your finances when paying for that all-important holiday!


Until now, you either had to make either one single payment at the time of booking, or, pay a deposit at the time of booking, and then the complete balance 60 days before your arrival. Now, whatever booking method you have chosen, you will have the option of paying for your holiday using our new Payment Plan, providing there is still time to set it up before your arrival date. So, choose either an equal monthly payment or pay what you want, when you want:


• Periodic Bulk Payments:


You pay an initial holiday deposit via credit/debit card or bank transfer which is, deemed by our terms and conditions, 20% of the cost of the villa. You also then choose an amount to be paid every week or over a period of weeks prior to your arrival.


Example of Periodic Bulk Payments:


Villa Cost 1100 Euros booked six months prior to arrival

Deposit paid at time of booking: 220 Euros

Balance: 880 Euros

Paid after 4 weeks 200

Paid after 12 weeks 200

Balance paid after 16 weeks 480


• Monthly:


You pay an initial holiday deposit via credit/debit card or bank transfer which is, deemed by our terms and conditions, 20% of the cost of the villa. The balance of your holiday will then be divided between equal monthly payments. The Balance must be paid 60 days before arrival. We are unable to provide payment plans for bookings made at short notice.


Example of Standard Monthly Payments:


Villa Cost 1100 Euros booked 1/12/2010 for arrival 1/7/2011

1/12/2010 – Paid 20% deposit 220 Euros.

Balance due 60 days before arrival: 2/5/2011

Balance: 880 Euros ÷ 5 months = 176.00 Euros per month

1st installment 1/1/2011 = 176

2nd installment 1/2/2011 = 176

3rd Installment 1/3/2011 = 176

4th Installment 1/4/2011 = 176

Final Installment 1/5/2011 = 176


Terms and Conditions


A deposit of 20% must be paid initially to confirm the booking All or any outstanding balances must be paid 60 days before arrival Payment plans cannot be made on last minute booking.


Frequently asked questions


Q What if Amadora try and take a payment and I do not have enough funds in my account, WILL I BE CHARGED EXTRA?


A NO, should your card be declined, we will try again 2 days later. If this also fails we will contact you via telephone or e-mail. You will then have the option of arranging another suitable date for payment.


Q Can I skip a payment if necessary and will I be charged?


A YES you can skip a payment! Just contact Amadora at least three days before the payment is due and it will be cancelled. Payments will automatically resume on your next payment date. NO you will not be charged if you want to skip a payment.


Q Can I pay more to reduce my final balance even further?


A YES, if you wish to increase the weekly or monthly payment amount you chose originally, simply let us know how much you want to pay and we will make the adjustment.


Q Can I cancel the Easy Payment Plan at any time?


A Any bookings only become confirmed with a 20% deposit so should you wish to change your mind and wait the 60 days before arrival then you can do so.


Q How much refund would I be due should I cancel my holiday before the final balance is due eight weeks before my holiday start date?


A The 20% deposit will be forfeited as a cancellation payment where cancellation is made before the 60th day before your arrival. Cancellation within 60 days of arrival will be charged on a sliding scale - 100% between 1 and 7 days, 90% between 8 and 14 days, 80% between 14 and 21 days, 70% between 22 and 28 days, 60% between 29 and 35 days, 50% between 36 and 42 days, 40% between 43 and 49 days, 30% between 50 and 60 days.


Q What if I have more questions?


A Please contact any member of the Amadora staff who will be willing to answer any of your questions: Telephone us on 00357 23834095 or via email:



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